Family 411: Cash in your diploma

CINCINNATI (Sheila Gray) -- He landed the first job of his career a year before leaving college.

At the age of 21, Carl Schlotman wrote a book to help other college students get more out of their education.

A lot of students think the diploma they gain from their university will get them a job, and that's not the case anymore.

Carl Schlotman just finished college, but he already has a resume full of work experience in the financial field.

Carl's already learned what works on the job, and he stands out. Recruitment firm, Adecco, surveyed 500 hiring managers and found most of them don't believe new college grads are prepared for the workforce.

Many hiring managers believe internships are important to preparing for the workforce.

Carl landed six internships with some of the world's most renowned financial institutions.

"I tried applications and figured out quickly that doesn't work," he says.

But he figured out what did, and wrote "Cash in Your Diploma" to help other students.

It's a guidebook for goal setting, networking, and getting access to successful people.

"There are so many people I reached out to, the CEO's of Southwest Airlines and Kroger. They had no reason to talk to me or give me advice other thank someone did it for them," he says.

Carl didn't get access to that expert advice without a lot of hard work and some courage too.

Carl says one of the big things holding back college students may be their smartphones. They're really good at using them for social media, but not so much for talking.

The book instructs readers on cold calling, building a board of mentors and perseverance.

Carl may have just started his new career, but he's already leaving a legacy for other young men and women dreaming of their's.

"I think it's so important to pay it forward," he says.

Carl Schlotman recently started working as an investment banking analyst at Wells Fargo.

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