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Brad's Blog - 09/10/13

Couple of things this morning, then I'm off to more preparations for my first Navy game this weekend with CBS Sports Network. The kickoff with Delaware , by the way, is a rather unfortunate 3:30 on Saturday. I think there's some other game involving Johnny Football and Alabama around the same time. But I digress.

First, a response to a woman who emailed on Monday morning asking if we forgot that Cincinnati had a professional baseball team? Really? The Reds played on national TV and won in dramatic fashion just before 11:30pm. We had the highlights on following all the Bengals coverage, which hit the air sometime in the 12-1am hour. The pennant chase is in full force and we are all over it. With that said, the Reds were getting a single digit television rating while the Bengals we're getting a 30 rating. In other words... while about 16% of local televisions were watching the Reds,  52% were tuned to the Bengals. Once the NFL starts, it's no contest. Baseball simply can't compete. We'll still be there for both.

The other things is the incredible bandwagon effect in Cincinnati. Reds win 6 of 7 against two of the best teams in the game (Cardinals, Dodgers), then lose 2-0 to the Cubs. Travis Wood, who has been outstanding this year for a brutally bad Chicago team, pitched a gem. Immediately my twitter feed lights up with a few people saying they are "done", "tired of this crap", disgusting", and "might be the division right there." Twitter is such an easy outlet for rage, negativity, rudeness , and stupidity. The Reds are 2 games out of first place with 17 games to play and 6 of the final 9 against the Pirates, who are a game in front of them. Is it really more enjoyable to be angry and defeatest to protect yourself from disappointment? I don't get it. This is FUN! Can you please enjoy the ride? If it were easy everyday, trust me, you'd get bored. And, you would find something else to complain about.


CINCINNATI, OH - SEPTEMBER 9: Right fielder Jay Bruce #32 of the Cincinnati Reds watches a home run hit by Ryan Sweeney #6 of the Chicago Cubs in the second inning sail over the wall at Great American Ball Park on September 9, 2013 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Chicago defeated Cincinnati 2-0. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

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