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Brad's Blog - 09/16/13

I've been asked all week "So how do you feel about the Bengals on Monday?" My answer has been simple: They should win. I don't know whether they will, but they should. Those that follow them closely feel pretty much the same. I had Joe Reedy, Richard Skinner and Dave Lapham in the studio Sunday. They all believe the Bengals will win. Lap's key is "whichever team puts on their big-boy pads" kind of game. Skinny thinks it's whichever team runs the ball best. Reedy thinks it's whichever team makes the fewest mistakes.

I called the Delaware-Navy game Saturday in Annapolis as the Midshipmen dominated 51-7. One of the coaches remarked before the game "it's usually the better 'team' and not the most 'talented' team that wins." Navy was both Saturday. The Bengals are "the most talented" team. Over the years, it's clear the Steelers have been the better "team." The ability to finish seems to define "team." The Bengals more often than not over the years can't get out of their own way. Like it or not, there remains a cloud that hangs over this team: "yeah, but it's the Bengals." Until they regularly learn to finish, the cloud won't disappear.  They tripped over themselves in Chicago week 1.

My thoughts on the keys tonight:
* Andy Dalton was very good in week 1. He has to be very good tonight.
* YOU HAVE TO RUN THE BALL! Gio needs more touches.
* Make Ben throw.
* Commit fewer penalties than Steelers
* Win the turnover battle. Duh.

The Bengals are the more talented team. Are they the better "team?"

Bengals 24 Steelers 16

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