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Brad's Blog - 10/10/13

So, you want to manage the Reds? Seems like a good job. You get to run a team that has won 90 games in back-to-back seasons. You don't have to slave through cleaning house from the previous administration or deal with "laying a foundation" because the product was "mismanaged." Good for you. Your timing is perfect. So every Reds player who's ever had aspirations of leading this team "at the right time" has said they'd be willing to talk about taking over the reigns. Good for you.

Mike Matheny stopped playing in 2006. He rejoined the Cardinals as a special advisor in 2008, and in 2011 was named the manager to replace Tony LaRussa. He took the Cards to the NLCS in his first year as a manager. He's doing it again in year two. He hadn't managed before but he was working with the team, hanging around, and staying involved. He was a catcher. Catchers think like managers. He's been preparing for this for a long time. It's working. In February, the Cardinals picked up his option for next year. Good call, St. Louis.

My guess is there were lots of doubters in that baseball town that this "youngster" with no managerial experience could make the Cardinals win like they had under LaRussa. But fans loved Mike. It's a culture of winning there. The gamble paid off. They picked the right guy.
My 2nd son was studying communications in his freshman and sophomore year of college. Before he started his junior year this fall, he changed his major to Business/Marketing. "Why?," I asked. "If I could come out of college and do what you're doing right now Dad I would love it! I could have the main sports anchor job in a decent-sized market and do play-by-play around the country it would be awesome! But, I don't want to go through what you've through for 30+ years to get there. It's too hard. I'm good with people. I can sell. Sales is where the money is. And I can get that right now." You have to appreciate the honesty if nothing else.

So, you've left the game. You've left the organization. You've found a way to make money while the foundation was being laid in Cincinnati with the Castellini family. Now you want to manage "YOUR" team. Interesting. I guess it could work. Timing's good. You have to appreciate the honesty if nothing else.

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