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Brad's Blog - 10/17/13

I'm prepping for my college game for CBS this Saturday at Louisiana Tech, watching Dan Patrick and intrigued by his poll question. I'm paraphrasing: "Do you want to have your owner out in front of your football team?"

It comes off of Colts Owner Jim Irsay stirring things by intentionally speaking to reporters about Peyton Manning returning to Indy in a Broncos uniform. It also takes into account recent comments from Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones regarding his poor draft choices and his comments on QB Tony Romo.

I wonder Bengals fans, where do you stand on that question right now?

During the desperate times of consistent losing, I remember people screaming to hear from Mike Brown. The screaming has stopped since the team has been to the playoffs the last couple of years. 'Let Mike stay in the background' appears to be fine with you now. In our last "You Make the Call" poll on Sunday night and on our website, voters gave him the least amount of credit for why the Bengals are at 4-2 this year.

Mike only talks a couple of times a year. Is that ok with you now? Would you rather hear from him on Monday mornings about his review of team play? What's your preference? Do you want Mike Brown out in front of the team and in the headlines, or quiet and behind closed doors?


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