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Brad's Blog - 10/22/13

So, the Price is right.

The Reds will officially name pitching coach Bryan Price as the man to replace Dusty Baker as manager. Some of the reactions I received Monday night included:

- I was hoping for a bigger splash
- why did they wait so long to name a guy in their own organization?
- is he different enough from Dusty
- does he have enough fire?
I don't know Bryan Price well. He isn't a guy who seeks the spotlight but he has always been accessible to the media. He is not the re-tread guy that's "been there, done that" as a manager elsewhere. He's part of the new trend-- hire a guy that's been in the organization and knows what you want, played the game, and knows how to teach.

We know Price can teach. He's been outstanding with the Reds pitching staff in his four years. He was a pitching coach for the Mariners and Diamondbacks for 10 years. He knows the game. Players like him. But yes, he's different than Dusty.

Price wanted Aroldis Chapman as part of the starting rotation during spring training. I don't know whether he's still in that camp.

Is he the guy to take them past the first round of the playoffs and eventually to the World Series? I don't know, and neither does the Reds administration. They're about to name Price. Let's hope they're right. Many moves will follow.

What do you think of the choice?

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