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Brad's Blog - 11/11/13

It's the nature of the business. It's on the quarterback. Win and your quarterback's good. Lose and it's time to change.

But for years in Baltimore, the Ravens kept winning and the fans kept saying they needed another quarterback to complement its outstanding defense. Then, Joe Flacco won a Super Bowl and got paid. He's playing the first year of his new 6-year deal. It's a deal worth $120 million if he stays 6 years. He's guaranteed to get $52 million. He won yesterday to get the Ravens to 4-5. He wasn't good. Flacco was 20-36 for 140 yards and 2 TD's. Dalton was 24-51, 274 yards and 2 TD's. He also had 3 INT's. Dalton lost.

After a spectacular three-game run, Dalton has come back to earth landing with a thud. Dalton's completed 53.8% of his passes with 2 TD's,  6 INT's, and a passer rating of 63. Gregg Doyle of is warning the Bengals not to sign Dalton to a long-term deal like the Ravens did for Flacco. He compared the numbers: "Flacco through three years: 10,206 passing yards, 62 percent accuracy, 60 touchdowns vs. 34 interceptions, 87.9 passer rating. Dalton through 2 1/2 years: 9,928 yards, 61.3 percent, 65 TDs, 42 INTs, 85.8 rating."

Same guy? When pushed on the question before the game, Dalton said he'd happy to follow Flacco's path. Would you as a Bengals fan be happy to watch that?  Flacco may not look great all the time but he has in the playoffs. He played 3 playoff games in his rookie year. He played two his second year, then 2 more in 2009, 2 more in 2010, 2 more in 2011, and four in 2012-- including a Super Bowl win. That's 15 playoff games in 5 years. I'd take that from my quarterback in a heartbeat. Dalton has 2 games in two years. He's yet to throw a TD. He's yet to get a win.
Dalton's taken the Bengals offense on a roller coaster ride. I still say that's better than the kiddy rides this team suffered through for decades before he arrived. Carson Palmer was spectacular before he got hurt. He didn't win a playoff game, either. I would love to have Peyton Manning. So would 31 other teams right now. There aren't 32 quarterbacks good enough to lead NFL teams right now. I want Andy Dalton to get better. So do his coaches. So does Andy.

I'm big on character. I like Andy's character. I like his work ethic. I like his ability to learn. I want him to be better next week. I hope he is. Either way I don't have a choice, so it's silly to pretend there's another option. By the way, AJ Green just set a franchise record with 5 consecutive games over 100 yards receiving. That doesn't happen by himself. I'll take what we've got, and keep hoping there's more on the way. It could be a lot worse.

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