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Brad's Blog - 11/13/13

There are several things that make you officially an old man, most of them concern things you say to your children. But one of them in the college basketball arena is apparently free throws.


I dont get it.

The #1 team in the country (soon to fall out of that ranking) missed 16 free throws last night. SIXTEEN! The Wildcats were 20-36, which is 56%. Julius Randle will get fouled a lot. He went 9-15. My math says he missed 6. UK lost by 4.  

Xavier went 13-24, which is 54%. The Musketeers star Semaj Christon went 4-10. Im slow, but I know thats 40%. The rest of the team shot 14 more and made 9 of them. They won. And Semaj led the way with 18. He was spectacular at times. But he cant make a throw and couldnt make them last year. Hack a Christon?

UC went 23-31 from the line against NC State. Thats 74 percent. Thats respectable. The guy that always gets to the line for the Bearcats, Sean Kilpatrick, went 8-8. I think thats 100%. Ill take that.

I can walk into a gym to shoot for 5 minutes, run up and down and get winded. Stick me at the line and I can make 7 out of 10. I stink. I dont play in D1, or in a gym with 12 thousand screaming fans. Isnt that what elite players want-- to be in that position, standing at the line with a chance to be a hero if you make one shot from 15 feet with no one guarding you?

Most of the time youre standing there long before its considered crunch time. Games are won and lost by a free throw or two. Seasons are won and lost by a free throw or two. I know coaches are making players shoot 100, maybe 200 free throws a day. Its not how many you shoot, rather how you shoot. If you cant make free throws, and you want to play college basketball... learn.



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