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Brad's Blog - 11/20/13

I decided to see if I could actually back up what I wrote last week. Frustrated with D! Basketball players unable to make free throws.

I think my word were something like, "I can walk into a gym ... shoot for 5 minutes, go  to the line and make 7 out of 10 free throws."

I haven't been into a gym in months to shoot. So I went to the gym Tuesday. I ran around the perimeter shooting 3's continuously to raise the heart rate and get a little lathered. I repeat-- I haven't shot in months.

I went to the line. I made the first 5. I missed the next 2. I made the next 3. That means I finished 8-of-10.

I then went back to the perimeter shooting until I was out of breath again. I didn't shoot particularly well.

I then went back to the line. I made the first 6. I missed 1, made 1, missed 1, made 1. That means I finished 8-of-10 again.

Back to the perimeter. For the 3rd time, without having shot in months, I made 8-of-10 free throws.

I shared my experience with the boys in the sports office and was ripped for actually believing that meant anything. Do you think it means something? Shouldn't real basketball players be able to do that? Maybe it doesn't mean anything, but I'm going to be harping on bad free throw shooting all year. Get used to it.


Grumpy Old Man

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