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Brad's Blog - 12/18/13

I'll jump into the fray. The Bearcats win over Pitt wasn't pretty. It was beautiful, though. In March the selection committee will look at UC's resume to see who they beat and my guess is Pitt will be a good win.

I have now watched 7 Pitt games, and been court side for the play-by-play call on one of them. I still think they are a top 20 team, even though they scored 43 points and lost to UC.

The idea that the team you are playing has an impact on how you play seems foreign to some. UC has a tendency to make teams look uglier than normal. Pitt took only 35 shots from the floor Tuesday night. They made 11. The Panthers went stretches of 8:55 in the first half and 13:43 in the 2nd half without making a shot. That's more than an entire half without a bucket. But, they took 29 free throws. They made 19. That's 24 points from the floor, and 19 from the free throw line.

UC took 53 shots and made 20 of them. Of those, 3 were from behind the arc. They took 3 free throws-- THREE! They made 1-- ONE! That totals 43 points from the floor, one from the free throw line.

UC won. That's all that matters in the end. Coach Cronin admittedly said his team was embarrassed in New Mexico and added to the red-face factor in a big way against Xavier Saturday. THEY NEEDED A WIN! They got it.

Famous quote time:

"Just win, baby!"

"You play to win the game."

Done and done. UC looks frightened on offense but they aren't afraid to fight.

Clich time:

"It's early, lots of basketball left to play."

"We learned something tonight, and we'll be better for it."
I have 6 UC games on my play-by-play schedule for CBSSN starting 1/7 in Houston. I'll get a chance to see the progress "up close and personal."

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