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Brad's Blog - 12/30/13

"We've got something special here."

Marvin Lewis said it weeks ago. Do they? The Bengals finished 11-5, winning the AFC North with emphasis by dropping the defending Super Bowl champs by 17.

They did that after Andy Dalton threw four interceptions. He also tossed a pair of TDs, ending the season with 33. He threw for 4,296 yards this season. Both broke franchise records held by Carson Palmer.

AJ Green finished 15 yards shy of breaking Chad Johnson's franchise yards record with 1,425. He did that on 98 receptions with 11 TDs. Green told me after the game numbers like that don't mean much to him. I believe him. He's special. He and Marvin Jones became the first WR tandem in Cincinnati with double digit TDs.

The offense finished 10th in the league. The defense finishes 3rd in the league, 1st in the AFC.

They won all their home games for the first time since the Super Bowl year of 1988.
Marvin's right, they had something special here. Those are great numbers.

Now the only one that matters is: 1. Can they win a playoff game for the first time in two and a half decades? That would be something special. Tune into Local 12 Sunday at 1pm and we'll find out together.

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