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Brad's Blog 5/8 - 05/08/14

It's here. It's NFL Draft Day. Just the first round, ofcourse. Friday's NFL Draft Day #2. Then Saturday's is Day #3. Are you excited?I'm not. For weeks, no months the "draft-is-my-life" guys and galshave been talking about who goes where. Each month, each week, each day, andnow every hour they change their minds on "who goes where." It's awhat-if game that never ends. Until, they call his name. Then it begins again.Did they pick him at the right time? Too early? Too late? Then after each daywe grade the teams on the draft. Then after all three we grade them again. Thenwe hear the "draft-is-my-life" guy explain why it didn't fall the wayhe said it would. Oh, and at some point, well take a look back at the draftfive years ago, and figure out who should have gone where, and what exactlywere teams thinking taking this player, just one spot ahead of this player, whois a Pro Bowler. Then in 3 months all the players put on pads and playpreseason for the first time. Then we let people know how each team is going tofinish in their respective divisions and which of them will be in the SuperBowl. Then a month later they all play when it counts and we find out how goodthe players they selected in May really are. Sometimes it takes years to findout how good they really are. The truth is I don't really know how good theseguys are going to be as pros, and Im pretty sure that nobody else really doeseither. This is a necessary process of course, but the constant conjecture"nowtwo weeks longer"that surrounds the draft: the players, their suits, their 40times, their mothers, their girlfriends, their Wonderlic, their eighth-gradeEnglish paper, their dental records-- I'll be excited to watch them play. Ilike football games. I'm already over the draft.


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