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Brad's Blog - 06/09/14

We were struggling to come up with a poll question this weekend, so I suggested to a few folks that we ask the viewers what we could do better.

Frequently we'll get complaints from a parent or a fan of a team that has rarely had success. Suddenly "their team" is in a quarterfinal and we get an email that says we never cover "such and such".

I hate the direction sports journalism has taken on local TV in many ways. We used to have 4 minutes per show (or more) to tell you you what is going on in the world of sports. We used to regularly tell extended stories you may not otherwise hear about.

Now we are regularly given 2 minutes for a sports segment. Consultants are convinced people who watch local news care very little about sports.

We are now a digital generation. We have to cater to our website, our twitter and Facebook pages. So even though I got "lol" -ed I'm sending this to you via Twitter and Facebook.
What could we do better on TV? What can we do better on our website and pages? What would you like to see us cover more:

HS Sports
National (NBA,NHL)
Fringe Sports (Lacrosse, Soccer)
Feature Stories
I Got Next (challenging Brad to sports contests)
Child's Play (my interviews with kids on sports topics)
Something we haven't listed

You may "lol" me, too, but I'm curious if you have any thoughts.

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