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Brad's Blog 8/2 - 08/01/13

The Bengals have escaped the major injury bug sweeping NFL camps (49ers CB Chris Colliver tore ACL Thursday) so far, but suffered an ankle injury for the 2nd straight practice. Thursday Andrew Hawkins dove to make a catch and came up lame. Early indicators were a high ankle sprain awaiting MRI results. Larry Black dislocated his ankle Wednesday and is done for the year. It's doubtful Hawkins will make the trip to Atlanta on Sunday for a week of practice before the preseason opener Thursday. Plenty of others may miss the trip as well including Andrew Whitworth and Brandon Thompson. Carlos Dunlap, Marvin Jones and Jermaine Gresham sat out Thursday's practice as well. Friday's practice is outside 3-5pm. Off day Saturday..morning practice Sunday before leaving for Atlanta.

The Cardinals snapped their 7 game losing streak with a 13-0 spanking of the Pirates to salvage 1 of 5 in that series. The 13 runs equaled their run toal in the previous 8 games. The Reds start the Cardinals series Friday 5.5 back of the Bucs, 4 back of the Cards, and 4.5 up on Arizona for the 2nd Wild Card spot.

Buckeyes #2 in the USA Today Coaches Poll

1Alabama 13-11545581
2Ohio St. 12-014273NR
3Oregon 12-1139702
4Stanford 12-2126206
5Georgia 12-2125004
6Texas A&M 11-2121515
7South Carolina 11-2113607
8Clemson 11-2104709
9Louisville 11-21010013
10Florida 11-2930010
11Notre Dame 12-187203
12Florida St. 12-284408
13LSU 10-3797012
14Oklahoma St. 8-57260NR
15Texas 9-4622018
16Oklahoma 10-3620015
17Michigan 8-55890NR
18Nebraska 10-4426023
19Boise St. 11-2420014
20TCU 7-64000NR
21UCLA 9-52020NR
22Northwestern 10-3186016
23Wisconsin 8-61720NR
24USC 7-61650NR
25Oregon St. 9-4135019

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