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Brad's Blog 8/6 - 08/05/13

So A-Rod got suspended 211 games. 12 other players got 50 game suspensions and we're supposed to applaud baseball for cleaning up the game. It's a start. But is it a deterrent when Nelson Cruz or Jhonny Peralta can return from their use of performance enhancing drugs, with a nice two month rest, so they can rejoin their team to help win a World Series? They didn't suspend Rodriguez for life because they didn't have a precedent set. If you get caught juicing in Track & Field you get a two year ban. If you get caught on a bike you get banned for life. If you get caught in baseball, we'll see you in the playoffs. If you get caught again...we're going 211 games on you. We'll see Ryan Braun next year. If you want to clean up the game, provide some discipline. Make them take their ball and go home. Our Local 12 poll Monday asked if you thought the 211 game suspension for A-Rod was harsh enough. About 90% said no. The earliest an arbitrator may get to the case is November, meaning A-Rod could finish the rest of the season on the field.

Could be bad news for Muskies. Internet reports indicate Xavier commit 6-8 Latvian forward Alexander Vezenkov has signed a 3-year deal to play professional ball in Europe. Vezenkov signed a letter-of-intent with Xavier in May and coach Chris Mack visited him in Latvia in July. No comment yet from Xavier.

We are less than a week away from the start of the Western & Southern Open in Mason. Tennis begins on Sunday 8/10 and the #1 ranked players will have the top rankings here. Neither Novak Djokovic nor Serena Williams have won here.

One of the preseason high school football rankings-- Rivals Top 100-- has St. Xavier at #24 in the country. The Bombers will open the season Friday, August 30th, at Indianapolis Ben Davis.

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