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Berk's Blog - 06/26/14

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If an NBA Draft happens in New York, does anyone inCincinnati hear it?

And who would be the preferred NBA team of Cincinnatinatives?  The Pacers are geographicallythe closest, but still out of the state. The Cavaliers would be the logicalchoice, but really, is there is nothing logical about a Cincinnati sports fanrooting for any team in by the lake?  Youcan't tell me this city cares about the Sacramento Kings just because they wereonce the Cincinnati Royals, with a fuel-stop in Kansas City in between?

So what does a Cincinnati sports fan do on NBA Draftnight?  Watch?  Hope for trades that shake up theleague?  Follow the college kids from thetri state area, and see where they land? I guess we can go with option C. At least that gives the night aregional "feel."

The U.C Bearcats could have two players selected tonight inguard Sean Kilpatrick and forward Justin Jackson.  Jackson has been compared by Louisville HeadCoach Rick Pitino to Theo Ratliff, who had a very nice NBA career making thingsdifficult for teams on the defensive end and backboards.  Xavier fans can watch the second round to seeif Guard Semaj Christon is selected.  Most mock drafts have Christon going in the mid to late second round.Kikpatrick, according to "Draft Express" could wind up in Indianapolislate in the second round.   That would bea double bonus for Cincinnati basketball fans. Then of course, you have the nearby Kentucky and Indiana programs, andboth could have top-5 selections with Julius Randall and Noah Vonleh.  Are those guy from those programs enough tomake you plan your dinner around the draft coverage?

There's an NBA Draft tonight.  And a free agent frenzy to follow.  Melo to Chicago?  Or does he stay in New York?  LeBron back to Cleveland?  Or will Wade and Bosh help keep The King onSouth Beach by opting-out?

Will Cincinnati sports fans opt-in to the draft andbasketball's hot-stove league?  You tellme. 




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