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The Q Kidz Take The Stage to Raise Awareness

Updated: Friday, November 15 2013, 04:05 PM EST
WEST END, Ohio (Angela Ingram) -- Children in the West End are putting together a play for the public with a powerful message.

185 girls make up the Q Kidz Drill Team.  Local 12's Angela Ingram explains how the team's founder is hoping a, "Stop the Violence" play can raise awareness.

The Q Kidz Drill Team is used to performing for audiences, the girls ages six through 18 travel the country entering competitions.
All under the watchful eye of the group's founder, Marquicia Jones-Woods.
Now the Q Kidz are branching out into acting with a, "Stop the Violence" play.

“And it's basically to just make people aware of the violence in our community and get our kids to do something different with their lives.”
Marquicia wrote the play after a shooting in the West End.  She noticed the children in the neighborhood seemed unaffected.

“And when I got there they had covered the body because the guy was dead, but I noticed the kids were going on business as usual.”
15-year-old Makyla Burnam plays one of several girls who start a fight.

“They contribute to the violence in the neighborhood.  They don't use guns or anything like that, but they fight.  They’re really violent girls.”
The conflict between the girls leads to a shooting and an innocent child is caught in the crossfire.
The grief these kids portray is eerily accurate, mirroring the harsh reality of some of Cincinnati’s homicides.  The girls are hoping other people understand the magnitude of what families in certain neighborhoods experience.

“They're only worried about where they live and where they stand, but this play is generally showing that there are neighborhoods that are out there suffering.”
And Marquicia is hoping after visitors see this play they'll take something positive away from it.

I'm hoping that with this play that there's somebody sitting in the audience that will make a change.  That they will leave outta there and go and do something different; put the gun down.”

The play opens this Sunday at 4p.m.  It’s at the Cincinnati Recreation Commission’s, “Lincoln Center” on Linn Street.The Q Kidz Take The Stage to Raise Awareness

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