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Newsmakers: June 9, 2013

Updated: Friday, July 26 2013, 01:45 PM EDT
Part One

The economic
downturn has stressed the budgets of all local government units. Some
have dealt with the challenge through a series of patches that do not
address the underlying structural imbalances.

Kentucky, on the other hand, over the last two years, made some tough
choices to get its budget structurally balanced. The possibilities that
flow from that, started to become clear with the announcement last
Tuesday, of a proposed $72 million dollar five year investment plan.

discuss the Covington proposal, Dan was joined by Larry Klein, the city
manager of Covington, Kentucky. and Sherry Carran, the mayor of
Covington. and Tom Due, the finance director of the City of Covington.

Part Two

August, community volunteers opened the Community Toolbank, a creative
idea to increase the impact of the volunteer work and decrease expenses
performed by other not for profit organizations. The idea is that for
pennies on the dollar, a church, school or community organization could
access over 100 different types of tools that they need for a community clean up, or an effort to build a playground.

was joined by Kat Pepmeyer, the executive director of the Community
Toolbank. and Doug Adams, the chair of the board of trustees. Doug
Adams, a senior vice president at PNC bank.
Newsmakers: June 9, 2013

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