Mayoral Elections

Who will you elect as your Mayor?

There are four candidates:
Harvey Hall ~ Dennis Martinez~ Joseph Caporali ~ Marc DeLeon

It's election year. What are your expectations for the Mayor of Bakersfield? The office of Mayor may be mostly ceremonial but the Mayor still represents our great city. It is important that our Mayor is an outstanding citizen, cares about the residents of Bakersfield, understands economical issues and promotes commerce.

Harvey Hall ~ He continues to work toward "Unity in the Community" and enhancing the quality of life for all greater Bakersfield residents, making Bakersfield the best city in America. During his tenure, he has been actively involved in beautification, both through Keep Bakersfield Beautiful and through his monthly efforts of picking up trash along our freeways with a dedicated group of volunteers. Mayor Hall continues to work with the youth of our community to enable them to learn about local government. His entire mayor's salary is dedicated toward scholarships for local students wishing to continue their education locally at the community colleges or university. Mayor Hall's goal is to make a positive mark on the community and influence local business in a way that brings growth and unity for many years to come.

Dennis Martinez ~ BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- A local building contractor is running for mayor. Dennis Martinez was born and raised right in Bakersfield. He's been doing business in the city for years, and with that, he said he has seen the ups and down of the local economy. Martinez said he has seen the economy go from bad to worse in the past few years. "We're running on a broken system right now. This machine is broken," Martinez said. His focus? Getting people back to work and start rebuilding local businesses. I met Dennis Martinez at the Community Forum held on May 23rd and he truly seems like a nice and caring man. He focused on the issues presented and answered with thought-felt responses. I was very impressed as were others. I asked Mr. Martinez to give more information about his campaign to post on this website. Hopefully, he will follow through and the community will have a chance to know more about him and will be better prepared when election day arrives.

Joseph Caporali ~ The Bakersfield Californian wrote an article titled "A Colorful Past" regarding Joseph Caporali, and boy oh boy I know that personally. View for yourself his colorful past at He has swindled many people out of money as an investment in his company then refuses to give the money back when he doesn't produce what he has promised. I have been told that Caporali is being investigated by the FBI, but that is second-hand news. I do know for sure though that he has been arrested for bouncing checks and he has been sued by several people. At the community forum held on May23rd Joseph Caporali was not focusing on the questions asked, his answers had nothing to do with what was asked and the public was laughing at him for his answers. One woman asked me "what is wrong with him?" One has to wonder where his mind was, because it definitely wasn't on what the meeting was about and his speech was slurred. Was he under the influence of something?

Marc DeLeon ~ Unfortunately, Marc DeLeon has chosen not to participate in local forums to discuss his views and plans on making Bakersfield an even better place to live. This makes me wonder if he is not just using the election to bring attention to his business and music career. Is Marc DeLeon serious about representing Bakersfield? If he is, he needs to take the time and let the community hear from him.