Ask the St. Elizabeth Expert: How can a medical program help me lose weight?

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A local woman said after trying every diet, she finally found a weight loss program that lead to remarkable success.

Not only did she lose weight, but experts helped her gain a whole new life. After years of dieting, seven months ago a young woman said she finally met a health care provider at the Saint Elizabeth Weight Management Program that understood her own health needs. Teresa lost 130 pounds and found a whole new way of life.

"Yeah, I got more energy and I'm happier and I'm able to smile with purpose," she shared.

Teresa enrolled in what is commonly called a medically supervised weight loss program. It's a personal prescription for weight loss.

Dr. Troy Schumann said, "Some people that need weight loss yesterday and not tomorrow. We may gear toward all meal replacements to lower insulin , lower blood sugar levels, and get better control of that disease."

But Teresa said the real secret to her success was her care team, a partnership with nutrition expert Karah Stanley, as well as her physician Dr. Schumann.

Dr. Shumann has had his own weight loss journey. And there was just something Teresa said about someone understanding the day-to-day struggles. The journey had a whole lot more to do than just with stepping on the scale and determining how many pounds were coming off. Both said there were a lot of steps along the way and the most important thing was that the journey had to continue, likely for life.

Karah Stanley, St. Elizabeth registered dietitian, said, "Our goal is really to help people make changes in a more balanced way so that they can maintain these healthy lifestyles long term."

Because that's not only what brings weight loss, but allows them to maintain that weight loss.

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