Ask the Expert: How did cardiac care team save patient's life?

Ask the St. Elizabeth Expert: How did cardiac care team save patient's life? (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The team at Saint Elizabeth Healthcare said the story might hold a new record for the number of times they attempted to revive a patient in cardiac arrest.

But it's also quite a story of a wife who simply never stopped praying for the team who wouldn't give up on her husband. It started out as a simple task on a hot summer day.

James McNutt said, "I'll never forget it, I was out and decided to do the manly thing which was try to mow the lawn."

By the time Jim was done and called his wife who was at work she realized something was wrong.

Jim's wife, Angela, said, "Jim was very breathy on the phone, he was explaining to me that he thought he had indigestion."

She immediately called for paramedics to transport him to the hospital. Angela was grateful because by the time she got to the hospital, not only had Jim had a heart attack but they couldn't seem to revive him in a procedure to restore blood flow that was blocked off.

Jim said he was shocked 39 documented times. Doctor's said they'd never seen anything like that. Not only did Jim survive but thanks to the cardiac care team's immediate action he has no residual damage.

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