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Ask the Expert: What are the dangers of ingesting peroxide?

CINCINNATI (WKRC) _ The team of integrative medicine experts at Saint Elizabeth Healthcare responded to a warning after emergency medicine providers released a report on a number of injuries resulting from people taking in something that they thought might help cleanse the body but really does not.

Dr. Mary Ann Barnes is an integrative medicine specialist. She uses complimentary therapies to help patients with everything from reducing blood pressure to easing pain. It works with what's called the "Meridian System," or energy flow in the body and has some sound science behind it.

But lately it was not that therapy getting a lot of attention but a therapy using something else that could be really harmful to people's health: hydrogen peroxide.

Dr. Barnes said, "This is kind of a new thing, and I don't know why it became popular."

It's raising alarm in the report from the Annals of Emergency Medicine. It said that hydrogen peroxide ingestion was being promoted as "super water" and a "natural cure" in some alternative medicine circles that promote "cleansing" the body.

But Dr. Barnes warned that was not true. She said it could cause serious damage to the body.

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