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Federal Food Inspectors Suspended with Government Shutdown

Updated: Friday, October 4 2013, 06:13 PM EDT
NEW ORLEANS, LA (Monica Hernandez) -- The government shut down isn’t just affecting jobs it is affecting the food you put on your table.

That's because federal inspections on things like seafood have come to a halt.  Monica Hernandez tells us how that could affect your health and the seafood industry.

How safe is your seafood?  FDA inspects won't be able to tell you. 

They're furloughed until the shutdown ends.

Louisiana is one of the nation's top seafood producers.  Local seafood processors say FDA inspectors pay them at least one surprise visit a year.
But while federal inspections are on hold, the state's monthly inspections will continue.

Experts say most of the food you see on your grocery store shelves hasn't been inspected anyway by the fed government anyway because there are so few inspectors.  But they say those inspectors make a big difference.

Experts say seafood imports will see the biggest impact.  That's because, without inspectors, those products just have to sit at the dock. 

For now, experts say, don't panic.  Just make sure your seafood is well refrigerated and smell it before cooking.
Federal Food Inspectors Suspended with Government Shutdown

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