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Health Alert: 13 month pregnancy

Updated: Wednesday, December 17 2014, 04:30 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- You may have heard that if a woman is considering a pregnancy it's suggested she think about what's called the "13 month pregnancy."

That's not one that extends longer than nine months but rather one where if women are even considering having a baby they treat their body well during the months ahead for a healthy pregnancy.  The study found women may want to ask their doctor to check their heart.  Believe it or not the report found that with more women choosing to wait until a little later in life to have a baby researchers said that this can mean heart disease is already present.

Scientists in the report found during the first trimester the volume of blood increases 40 to 50 percent.  And the amount of blood that is pumped by the heart each minute goes up 30 to 40 percent.  That means if there are blockages in the heart it could stress out both mom and baby.

So if a woman is considering a pregnancy ask the doctor to check their heart as part of preparing for a healthy pregnancy.

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