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Health Alert: Belly Fat Raises Heart and Cancer Risks

Updated: Thursday, October 17 2013, 11:55 PM EDT
WESTERN HILLS, Ohio (Liz Bonis) -- A new report says once again the pear shape might be healthier for the body than the apple shape.

Medical reporter Liz Bonis explains why in Thursdays Health Alert.  There is more evidence today based on this study that it may not be just what you weigh, but where you carry that weight.  Local 12 stopped out at TriHealths Priority Care to tell you more about this research, it is published in the Journal Cardiology.

Researchers in this study found that those who have more waist weight have a higher risk for not just heart disease and cancer as well.  In this study researchers looked at those who had more waist weight, about 3,000 men and women. 

They found a 44 percent higher risk for heart disease, with visceral fat, and a 43 percent higher risk for cancer with this deep belly fat.  This compared to those who had less waist weight.

They are not sure which cancers, but previous studies have shown a connection to breast and colon cancer perhaps due to hormone changes. 

The other thing is while you can't spot reduce; losing fat of any kind with aerobic activity can help you get rid of waist weight. 

Watch video HEREHealth Alert: Belly Fat Raises Heart and Cancer Risks

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