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Health Alert: Benign Breast Disease

Updated: Friday, September 27 2013, 06:05 PM EDT
CINCINNATI, Ohio (Liz Bonis) -- If peanut butter and jelly is your child's favorite there is yet another reason for at least girls to enjoy it throughout life.

A study just released from the Journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment found it peanuts may pack power against a common health condition later in life.  Local 12 has details in Friday's Health Alert.

Researchers found girls who eat peanut butter and nuts on a regular basis were much less likely to develop what's called benign breast disease by age 30.

Although this disease is not dangerous it can increase the risk for breast cancer in the future.  This study showed girls ages nine to fifteen that ate peanuts or peanut butter at least twice a week often growing up were 39 percent less likley to develop benign breast diseases by age 30.  This compared to those who did not eat this food.

The authors of the study suggest other foods in the legume family such as beans, lentils soybeans and corn might also make a difference in reducing benign breast disease.  But it was hard to compare because the girls in the study didn't eat a lot of these other foods.

No word on why nuts make a difference.  They do have a good fat however that other studies show may work against waist weight.  Added weight in the middle has been linked to higher breast cancer risk in some other studies. Health Alert: Benign Breast Disease

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