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Health Alert: Breath Test for Kidney Disease Compounds

Updated: Thursday, November 7 2013, 05:01 PM EST
FLORENCE, Ky. (Liz Bonis) -- Your breath might hold the secret to whether or not you have a chronic illness according to a study released just moments ago.

Medical reporter Liz Bonis tells us about it in Thursday's Health Alert. 

Researchers in this study found that your breath tells a lot about you and in this case they were looking a kidney disease. 

They found a difference in the breath of those tested with this disease compared to those without.  Local 12 stopped at Faith Community Pharmacy Thursday to tell you more. 

The study was published by the American Society of Nephrology, it was just presented at their annual meeting. 

Researchers compared 15 people with kidney disease and on dialysis to those who were healthy.  They found a number of different compounds in those who had kidney disease compared to what is normally found on a blood test.

Now the idea is not that it would replace a blood test, but it would rather be something that would be used as a non-invasive test; maybe at a wellness fair to tell you if you needed a blood test. 

Just one more way for early detection that might give people more information about good health.
Health Alert: Breath Test for Kidney Disease Compounds

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