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Health Alert: Chocolate Study

Updated: Thursday, June 5 2014, 04:35 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- There's hope yet that we may find out  chocolate is good for you!

Not too long ago Local 12 reported on a trial which showed that chocolate and red wine were not as good for you.  Now a new study is in the works to see if we can learn a little bit more.  It is being conducted through the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. 

It is a study of coca flavonols, thought to give chocolate its heart healthy benefit.  It is a four year study and it will compare people who take chocolate capsules with those who take a placebo.  These would be higher than what you would get in traditional chocolate you eat.

This study is expected to be the largest of its kind.  They have recruited hundreds because who wouldn't want to be part of a chocolate study??  Until more is known it's still moderation, benefit vs. risk, when it comes to quantity and calories.  And still likely the dark chocolate that has the most of these flavonols.

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