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Health Alert: Dangers of Tanning Beds Ignored

Updated: Wednesday, January 29 2014, 07:30 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- It appears that the warnings about indoor tanning are falling on deaf ears according to this new report.

We stopped out at the Saint Elizabeth Breast Center Wednesday to tell you more about this research.  It is published in the Journal of Dermatology.

A review of the use of indoor tanning beds in the US, Europe and Australia found forty percent of adults and more than half of all college age students have used a tanning bed, many within the last year.  After looking at the rates of use, many young people still use tanning beds.  Even though melanoma type skin cancers, if you use these, go up by a rate that is increased by 75 percent.

It appears while young people may be hearing the risks for other carcinogens such as tobacco, they are not hearing that indoor tanning beds may account for younger people now being diagnosed with skin cancer.

If you like the color from tanning beds, might want to try the self tanning lotions.  I use them and they work! Health Alert: Dangers of Tanning Beds Ignored

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