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Health Alert: Eternal youth

Updated: Friday, April 11 2014, 04:35 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (WRKC) -- Going to a ball game or doing other activities to chill out and manage stress might help your blood pressure and your appearance.
You probably know there are all kinds of things that can help you look younger: less stress and more sleep.  But we thought we'd stop out at the ball park to share more on this because we think that it's pretty relaxing to attend a game.  Unless you get worked up over your favorite team!

But this study found it is suggested you keep blood pressure down.  Researchers studied those who were age 60 and looked the youngest.  They found they kept blood pressure under control for the previous years compared to those who did not.  It's likely that the surface vessels in your skin don't get the nutrients and oxygen needed if you don't manage blood pressure.
So researchers found that if you get some exercise, watch your diet, manage your stress, and even take medications as directed all of these could also work to keep you younger looking longer.

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