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Health Alert: Red vs. White Wine

Updated: Friday, November 8 2013, 09:16 PM EST
We all know when it comes to heart health we need to eat right and exercise.

Local 12 stopped out at the Mercy Health Cardiac Rehab at the Anderson Healthplex to tell you more about this research.  What you need to know is while all these are important, many people do ask about the addition of red wine and whether or not that's beneficial, others ask what about white?

Tufts University recently looked at both of these to compare results, they were specifically looking at resveratrol, the ingredient in red wine said to be good for heart health.

Here is what they found: a typical glass of red wine has seven milligrams of resveratrol per liter.  Red grape juice will give you 8, white wine will give you two.  So it's much higher in red wine.

It doesn't mean white wine isn't good for you, it's important to note that resveratrol is just more prevalent in red wine.

We don't want to tell you to drink more white to get that amount, so note that grape juice can give you much of the same amount. Health Alert: Red vs. White Wine

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