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Health Alert: Resveratrol Supplement Study

Updated: Thursday, October 3 2013, 07:36 PM EDT
UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, Ohio (Liz Bonis) -- The healthy ingredient in red wine may not be effective in a pill. 

Medical reporter Liz Bonis tells us about a new study in Thursday’s Health Alert. 

If you like to get out and exercise that's a good thing, but you don't want to eat or drink or take things that might blunt that benefit.

Well this study looked something called Resveratrol, that's found in red wine, and it looked at those who took this ingredient in a pill or supplement to find out what it did in the body.

In a study published in the Journal Physiology researchers looked at 27 healthy sedentary men ages 60 to 72.  They had them take either Resveratrol or a placebo, every day for 8 weeks.  During that time, they had those in the study participate in interval training twice a week. 

By the end of the study men who took a placebo, did better oxygen capacity than those who took the Resveratrol.

Oxygen capacity, good for the body, but the dummy or sugar pill did better.  That shows you, you may do better to get this in your diet, rather than in a pill, at least according to this study. 
Health Alert: Resveratrol Supplement Study

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