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Health Alert: St. Elizabeth and TriHealth Team Up

Updated: Thursday, December 5 2013, 10:14 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- Saint Elizabeth Healthcare and TriHealth are making a big announcement Thursday.

They say they will still compete in areas in which they both excel, such as heart care and maternity, and yet team up to offer some newer health care plans to patients through employers and the new health care exchanges.

Both John Prout and Hohn Dubis said Thursday this new venture is not a merger but rather what they are calling the healthcare solutions network.  They said that this network would give patients lower cost healthcare plans and access to more specialists.  These specialists could share more services to patients who choose to be part of these plans.

The network would also use computerized medical records to share information as needed with providers no matter what hospital you are in or what office you visit.

John Prout, CEO of TriHealth said, "This will give us an opportunity to provide a more coordinated regional network that lowers cost, helps coordinate care for the patient in a much more coordinated way."

John Dubis said, "Well how the care will be improved is by sharing among our clinicians the best practices of delivering care, every place does things a little differently and what we are looking at is what's the best way to treat a pneumonia, to treat a heart a condition, and allowing our conditions to collaborate in that way, improves quality.  But it also reduces cost."Health Alert: St. Elizabeth and TriHealth Team Up

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