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Health Alert: Summer Power Food

Updated: Friday, May 9 2014, 05:24 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- Some good news about the  hottest superfood of the summer!

It is that time of year where you may be thinking about summer and you may want to add a few foods to your diet and eat a little healthier.  Local 12's Liz Bonis stopped out at West Shore Pizza to tell you more about this research.  You may want to top that salad off with some strawberries according to the new report.
Researchers in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry looked at those who got about three cups of strawberries a day and found they ate them for one month and dropped bad cholesterol nearly 20 percent.  Triglycerides dropped 17 percent, that's another fat that raises heart attack risk in the blood.

Not sure exactly why this is true.  Strawberries have high fiber and vitamin C as well as non nutrients in the colors and flavors and textures to work against disease.  So if you like them, you might want to make sure you eat them!  They taste great and are in season right now.

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