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Health Alert: Vasectomies up to watch March Madness basketball

Updated: Wednesday, March 19 2014, 05:06 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- Once again March Madness is taking place on the basketball court and in urology offices around the country.
Experts at the Cleveland Clinic say it's one of the top weeks men choose to get a vasectomy.  The reason of course is that you have to sit around with your feet up for a few days after this procedure.  Which is a perfect excuse to watch your favorite March Madness basketball game.
Only about twenty four hours of recovery time is needed but of course that's enough to get in the games you likely want to see if you time this surgery just right.  As you likely know, a vasectomy interrupts the tubing that carries the sperm.  There are several techniques for this now including those that do not require an incision.
No matter which type you choose, ice and rest are suggested following the procedure so urologists say they get surges in this surgery much like they say often happen right around the Superbowl as well.

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