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Hoxworth Celebrates 75 Years

Updated: Thursday, December 26 2013, 04:58 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- At a recent celebration of life it's clear to see the support that Hoxworth gets from team mascots and from the Cincinnati Reds.

Phil Castellini of the Cincinnati Reds said, "It's the kind of thing that's close to us because we've had close friends and family that have benefited from the work that Hoxworth does, so we're proud to be a partner with them."

Jeff Berding of the Cincinnati Bengals said, "It's good to know that if any of us or our loved ones get rushed to the hospital, need surgery, need blood, then you're going to have an ample supply because of the generous people of Hoxworth and throughout this community."

Just how did Hoxworth get to be one of the nation's largest community blood suppliers?

Dr. Ronald Sacher said, "Hoxworth means the ability to provide necessary therapies for people who are seriously in need of it."

It has to do with a rich history of donors who give and leaders who are people of vision.

In 1938 a physician by the name of Paul Hoxworth founded Hoxworth Blood Center.  He was a young surgeon who had a vision to set up a blood bank that would collect blood and provide it for people at that time.  Initially the blood bank was part of the American Red Cross.  It was eventually transferred to the University of Cincinnati and renamed Hoxworth Blood Center.

UC was recently honored at this 75 year celebration at Fountain Square for its work in supporting donors. 

Miracles unfolded slowly as Hoxworth transformed from a one room laboratory that could collect about 2,000 units of blood a year with a staff of Doctor Hoxworth's wife and three technicians to what you see today: 260 employees that collect more than 300,000 total blood components a year.

Hoxworth provides blood for 30 hospitals and 17 counties in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

During that time there's been a number of changes.  Probably the areas you've seen most are things you have heard about like how they collect the blood and how it is screened.  It is probably safer now than ever before, and more importantly, newer blood products and how they can be used in the future.

The blood now of course is collected in bags not bottles and screened for recipients with one of the most high tech systems in the world.  Not only is donation now incredibly safe but for those who are recipients of the blood products the screening tests are very sensitive and very specific.  They can screen out all the major transfusion transmitted viruses, and indeed they test for bacteria in platelet donation as well.

Those who donate say they do it mainly because there's a need.  The future of Hoxworth is full of hope; there are now more products available than ever before from donated.  The future still depends on donors though which is why organizations such as the Bengals and the Reds and even Local 12 keep stepping up to try and encourage new donors.
Hoxworth Celebrates 75 Years

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