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Looking Younger

Updated: Friday, August 23 2013, 11:46 AM EDT
A new report says a simple step added to your skin care or makeup routine each day might really help you age gracefully.

Medical Reporter Liz Bonis tells us about it in today's Health Alert.

We often spend a lot of time making sure we highlight, cut and color our hair to look our best as we age, but this new report found one simple thing might do wonders to be the fountain of youth for our skin as well.

We stopped out at Elements Salon in Crescent Springs to tell you more about it.

When you go to the mirror in the morning to put on makeup or not, put a layer of sunscreen underneath.

Now some makeup has sunscreen. We often use this when we think we are going to have a day in the sun, but this study found you need it
daily year round, no matter what, and here's why.

A summary report by dermatologists found that when people were asked to evaluate signs of aging, those who applied sunscreen daily had a 24 percent drop in the level  of skin aging seen, compared to those who only used it when they thought they needed it.

There was no magic number for SPF stated in this review, but most skin experts say 15 to 30 is recommended.  Keep in mind many cosmetic products that contain SPF have only a five or six.

It is a small step, that if you are going to spend time on your hair and other things to keep you looking younger, could also make a big difference.
This as we move out of the season we generally think about spending time in the sun.

Looking Younger

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