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Morning Smoke May Raise Cancer Risk

Updated: Thursday, August 15 2013, 03:06 PM EDT
Yet another study says what time of day you smoke may influence your risk for lung cancer.

Medical Reporter Liz Bonis explains in today's Health Alert.

Smokers who light up soon after waking up may be at greater risk for lung cancer, according to this report.

We stopped out at Mercy Health Fairfield Hospital today to tell you more about it.

Researchers in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention found people who smoked within five minutes of waking had much higher levels of a compound called NNAL in the body.

It is a byproduct of a carcinogen only found in tobacco.

This was even higher than those who smoked the same number of cigarettes per day, but waited to smoke.

Since this may mean you are at increased risk for lung cancer, it is suggested you ask your doctor about early screening for detection.

Researchers aren't sure why this is true.They say it's possible those who crave cigarettes first thing in the morning inhale more deeply.
Morning Smoke May Raise Cancer Risk

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