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Ask the Expert: Everyone is sick, what is going around?

Updated: Tuesday, April 22 2014, 04:50 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (WKRC) -- You may have a tough time avoiding the latest virus going around in the tri-state right now.

It's making a lot of people sick and short of being in a bubble you are going to have a tough time not being exposed to this virus.  It's a respiratory bug that seems to start in one area such as your sinuses and move around quite a bit.  You end up with a bad cough and family medicine experts at TriHealth say the cough is what's bringing a lot of people into the doctors office.  Mainly because you can't sleep at night.
Doctor Scott Woods is a family medicine expert who says the real problem is that this virus hit right when allergy symptoms also exploded in  our area.  He says that means some people really have a bit of both and it can be tough to separate the two to make sure you get proper treatment.

Dr. Woods tells Local 12, "There's probably more of it being driven by allergies than viruses.  You get a few people sick with viruses that spreads around a bit and then there's a lot of other people congested and coughing due to allergies and then it feels like everybody's got something going on right now."

So if you have something going on right now here's what you need to know.  If it lingers longer than about seven to ten days you likely need to seek medical attention.  If you itch, ask about allergy treatment.  If you can't get rid of the cough and have a sore throat or fever, it's likely a virus or even Strep Throat which is also still going around.  A virus runs it's course, but Strep is bacterial so you may need a prescription to get it to go away.
And always a reminder, Local 12 invites your questions for providers at TriHealth about this illness or any other.  CLICK HERE to submit a question.

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