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Foods For Healthy Hair

Updated: Monday, August 26 2013, 05:13 PM EDT
If your hair is dry and frizzy from the summer sun, maybe it's time to feed your head.
Medical Reporter Liz Bonis makes a stop at the salon and the supermarket to dish up the best diet for healthy hair in today's Medical Edge.

Those long hours playing at the pool or in the sun, coupled with high heat and humidity, have many, including Jana Blackfield, headed into the salon these days, hoping for a quick fix for healthier hair.

"We have a boat. We are out boating a lot, so I do notice a difference by the end of the summer."

Her stylist, Stephen of Elements Hair Studio, says a good cut to get rid of dry ends can help.

And his colleague, Bill Chappie, says so can...

"An extra hydrating, moisturizing mask..."

But in addition to that, there might be a few things you could do from the inside out that could make a significant difference. Recently researchers asked nutrition experts, if you could eat one food to improve your hair, what would your pick be?
These picks are published in a recent edition of Self.

When it comes to a diet for healthy hair, it's suggested you start with berries.
 Blueberries and cherries have anti-oxidants and other nutrients, which work against damage, when at that end of summer hair, as Tara Huber points out ...

 "It gets pretty frizzy."

Just like when you wash your hair...
Bill Chappie, Elements Hair Salon:
"There's different shampoos and conditioners for every hair type out there."

There's different nutrients needed by every head of hair.
To reduce breakage in your hair eggs, salmon, and avocado are suggested at the end of the summer when...

"There's  a lot of dry frayed ends, hair's a little more unruly, a lot of breakage with the natural elements, the heat, the sun."

To grow your hair try red peppers and citrus fruits, such as oranges and grapefruit.

For thicker hair eat kidney beans and foods with iron, such as red meat.
And finally, go nutty. Nuts, such as walnuts, can add back in serious shine.
Add up these healthy foods and the nutrition and hair experts agree...

"It does highly impact, hair, nails, skin, it all."

Foods For Healthy Hair

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