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Medical Edge: Couple gets lung screening together

Updated: Thursday, February 13 2014, 10:46 AM EST
WEST CHESTER, Ohio (Liz Bonis) -- Just in time for Valentine's Day, a local couple decides to show their love by getting a life saving test together.
When it comes to traditional romance you likely think about Valentine's Day flowers candles and romantic dinners. But what you may not think about is something that might help save both of your lives, so we  introduce you to a couple who decided to do just that.
Alan and Pat Walker have been married so long, they have to remind each other sometimes, "fifty two? Fifty two years!".  In that time they have shared love, laughter and a long history of smoking.

So recently at a trip to the doctor's office, this simple lung cancer test was recommended. It's a CT scan anyone can get for 99 dollars. "Just so that we know now if something can be done it can be done, if we leave it too late we're not going to get there."
They let us in on the tests. "The scan is not invasive, it's about 15 seconds, there's no special preparation."
Michelle Ottersbach is the lung cancer screening coordinator at this site. She says if one person steps up, "it helps encourage the other partner to get screened."
Both Pat and Alan have been smoke free for two years. So it's the right time to give themselves a great Valentine gift, which for Pat is also something else: "my birthday is the day before. My Valentine is the same as my birthday present."
They admitted, "I think I am more nervous now, it seemed easy at the time, oh yeah of course, but now I am more nervous about it."

The good news however, both found out the only thing recommended right now is follow up.  Something they can celebrate the traditional way.
To call for a screening, call (513) 584-LUNG.
Medical Edge: Couple gets lung screening together

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