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Medical Edge: Excessive Sweating

Updated: Tuesday, January 21 2014, 10:32 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- Ryan Davis says he hasn't had a day where he can't remember seriously sweating in the last 12 years.

Now, instead of hiding this common problem called hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating, he is airing it all out to draw attention to a new solution.

"If I were to be at a wedding, for instance, I'd have a suit jacket on.  I would be terrified to take off the suit jacket on the dance floor just because of the amount of sweat I would be showing through under the arm."

The solution is called the Miradry System.  It's now available at Doctor Jon Mendelsohon's office in Norwood, The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center.

Dr. Jon Mendelsohn is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon.  He said, "In this case what we are doing is using electromagnetic energy or microwave technology to destroy permanently the sweat gland in that area."

After numbing and mapping the area for treatment under the arm a machine is attached to a small suction device.  It draws the tissue into it so the sweat glands below it can be targeted underneath.

The studies show that about 82 percent of the sweat is reduced with these treatments.  About 30 minutes of zapping each armpit and the excessive sweat does not come back.

A couple things you need to know about this, you will see some immediate results.  Although there is some slight swelling afterward, usually treated with something such as acetominophen, when you finish this treatment within 24 hours you can see a difference.

Ryan's goal now?  To hit the dance floor, no jacket required.

For best results the area under the arm is retreated about three months after the first treatment.  The total cost is about 3,000 dollars and it is not covered by medical insurance plans.

Medical Edge: Excessive Sweating

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