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Medical Edge: Fit Tuesday event for fitness at the YMCA

Updated: Sunday, August 17 2014, 08:30 PM EDT
BURLINGTON, Ky. (Liz Bonis) -- The Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky YMCA branches held a "Fit Tuesday" event on Fat Tuesday. But, there are lessons to be learned about fitness everyday.
Never underestimate the power of fitness that's fun says
Holly Hammons. She's a huge fan of the Zumba dance class at the YMCA. "It's completely changed my life and it just made exercise so much, and that i wanted to do all the time."
The pay off: she has dropped 98.8 pounds. How'd she do it? "Counting calories, doing Zumba, and adding strength training classes here at the Y." 

It's a formula that can work for anyone here according to wellness director Elizabeth Tungate.  She helped coordinate the Fit Tuesday class as a Mardi Gras celebration and as kick off for finding a fitness program that's fun. "You want to find an activity you personally like and enjoy. If you don't like it you are not going to stick with it."
There are just a couple steps you can take, and they say they'll have you bikini ready by summertime!  First up, decide you are worth it. Krista Keller did and has now been doing Zumba for years. "I just love this, it's my sanity, this is the time for me."
Second, find a support system of family and friends. "Let them know what your goals are and what you want to accomplish. If they know, they are going to help hold you accountable."
And finally Tungate says hold yourself accountable too. "Anything from a food journal or if you are an app person, My Fitness Pal or things like that, that help you stay accountable, all of those will work best for you.

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.Medical Edge: Fit Tuesday event for fitness at the YMCA

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