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Medical Edge: Footgolf works as exercise

Updated: Thursday, December 18 2014, 03:07 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- It's been popular all summer at Great Parks of Hamilton County.

Now "footgolf" has been extended through the fall.  It started a few years ago in the Netherlands and is on course to be one of the fastest growing sports yet!  On the golf course that is…

Doug Stoltz of the Little Miami Golf Center said, "Footgolf is a combination of soccer and golf.  So you play by the rules of golf, but instead of using a golf ball and a golf club you actually use a soccer ball."

The soccer ball must get into the simulated barrel tire ring on the course.  It is marked with an orange flag.

Jennifer Ridle of Great Parks of Hamilton County said, "It's great!  You play real quick, don't have to use a cart, you don't have to carry clubs, you can just pick up the ball and go."

But since it's scored like golf people want as few kicks to get the ball to into the ring as possible.

Player Jake Wedding said, "Once you get a lot closer to like the putting, that's when it gets difficult."

The good news is people could play this with their entire family.  Footgolf is a game for just about any skill level.  And if a person played soccer as a kid some of those skills will come back to them.  The bad news is people need a different level of patience because it really is a lot like the mind game of golf.

Player Shannon Mullett said, "Yeah, there really is no age limit, young or old, people who could play 'cause it's so simple and it's a good time."

First time players Jake and Shannon found footgolf to be competitive, fun, and if you walk the holes, great exercise!

It's seven dollars a person to play at the Little Miami Golf Center, $13 if people want to use a cart. 

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