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Medical Edge: Gentle C-section

Updated: Monday, February 10 2014, 09:15 AM EST
CINCINNATI (WKRC) -- A  team of health care providers at the Christ Hospital is getting some national recognition for introducing what's sort of a new and improved  of birthing experience.
Joseph Denny Queen is a little more than 24 hours old. "He's 9 pounds six ounces and he's been doing great."
He was delivered by Cesarean section. Rather than being whisked away for medical attention by this care team that surrounds him now, he immediately met his dad Kevin and his mom Amanda right in the operating room. "He was able to come lay skin to skin on me right away, and it was the three of us."

While operating rooms generally have bright lights and sort of a cold sterile environment, Joseph's team instead created much of the same atmosphere you see in this birthing room. "We turn the lights down in the operating room, baby got to nurse right away, patient can watch the operation if they want to and it was a lot more pleasant and fun and calmer," says Dr. Eric Stamler.
They call this type of  delivery a gentler C-section, although they do not want to imply that any other delivery is not gentle, the goal however is to make it just like any other traditional birth for a mom.
Nurse Barb and nurse Amy helped introduce this gentle C-section to Joseph's delivery team. "So the mom could experience her birth even more, not think of it as a surgery."
They researched this trend which is only for low risk C-sections.  Later this year they will present this approach to other nurses at a national nursing conference.

The hope is that every mom can experience the contrast Amy Queen says she did to her last Cesarean birth of Joseph's big brother Josh.  "Oh my gosh, it was so much better. I cried the first time because I was like what's going on and this time I was just crying because it was such a neat experience."Medical Edge: Gentle C-section

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