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Medical Edge: Infant Mortality Report

Updated: Tuesday, February 18 2014, 05:20 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- The goal Tuesday was to announce a new partnership called "Cradle Cincinnati."

There are three things that they say should be part of a plan when it comes to reducing infant mortality in our community.

Maura Hanke tells us, "We lost our first son, Charlie, to SIDS back in 2010."

Perhaps nobody wants to get the word out more about one of these things than Maura Hanke.  Her daughter, Annie, is now seven months old but her older brother Charlie was only three weeks old when he passed away.

She said, "He was fussy one night, so my husband was holding him.  My husband fell asleep with Charlie on his chest, and he woke up and Charlie didn't.

Charlie's Kids Foundation now raises awareness of putting kids to sleep alone and on their backs.  The other things to reduce infant deaths include not smoking while pregnant and spacing baby births at least 18 months apart.

At this conference in Bond Hill the co-chairs of Cradle Cincinnati said these three things would help get our numbers of nearly 10 percent of 1000 births closer to the national average of six percent.  This past year the number was 95.

Todd Portune, co-chair Cradle Cincinnati, said, "95 babies died before their first birthday in Hamilton County."  Of the little booties hanging in the room he said, "Each one of those represented an infant death in Hamilton County in 2013."

Cradle Cincinnati released Tuesday a first of it's kind report.  The report says simply that the three steps of spacing out pregnancies, not smoking, and putting babies to sleep alone on their backs could make all the difference so other families don't have to go through the same loss as the Hanke family did

CLICK HERE for a link to more information about this campaign and other suggestions to reducing infant mortality.Medical Edge: Infant Mortality Report

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