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Medical Edge: Intimacy questions

Updated: Thursday, December 18 2014, 03:24 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- A local woman shared her story with hundreds of others at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

She is part of a team at the Pure Romance world convention, a company that sells products to enhance a relationship.  She promotes 'sexual healing.'
Stacey Berkheimer said, "I was the victim of sexual assault very early, and so I think I always didn't really care about sex.  And so the more I've been able to help others, it was just incredible how my own life could change before my eyes."

Stacey Berkheimer said her life changed when she started helping others as a counselor when it came to healthy intimacy.

"It should always be enjoyable, you should never just go through the motions," said Stacey.

Intimacy, she said, should not be a taboo topic, anywhere.

"I was actually approached by a pastor and he said divorce rates are just as high in the church as in the civilian world, right?  I think for a lot of women, nobody ever teaches us this stuff, the physiological stuff that all of us have in common.  I think when we feel broken, we don't seek the answers," Stacey explained.

Answers should come from medical experts, according to Doctor Madeleine Castellanos.  She's a psychiatrist and sex therapist. 

Dr. Castellanos said that her goal was to let women know that this was a subject that we should be talking about and asking providers about. 

When asked what the number one question that she got asked in terms of intimacy was she responded, "I would say the number one question I get asked is what can I do about my desire?"

Not a simple answer she says, "It involves everything you ever learned about sexuality.  How you feel about yourself, all your experiences with your partner, what you had to eat or drink.  So all of those things play into it and you have to optimize those things for success."

Pure Romance has an educational web site with more information on healing and intimacy.

CLICK HERE for a link to more information.

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