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Medical Edge: How to Lose Weight in 2014

Updated: Monday, December 30 2013, 05:39 PM EST
MONTGOMERY, Ohio (Liz Bonis) -- Brigett Reffenberg recently dropped more than ten pounds by giving up gluten.

We caught up with her making gluten free peanut butter cookies with with registered dietitian Kathy Haugen.  She says what Reffenberg gave up may not be as important in weight loss success as what she ate in it's place

"I eat a lot more salad, I eat a lot more whole vegetables, and beef or chicken, without a lot of sauce."

Haugen says almost any diet that gets you to swap to these healthier food choices will help you drop pounds.  Many have trendy names such as the "No Hunger Diet," "The Marijuana Diet," "The Blood Type Diet." 

Her preference is the "My Plate Diet" which suggests at least half your plate should be fresh fruits and vegetables at every meal.

What is important to note is that no matter which eating plan you choose in the new year you need to pay attention to hunger and appetite.  Because there is a difference.

"Hunger is when your are truly physiologically hungry and your blood sugar dips and you feel shaky and headachy, you want to feed your body.  Appetite is when you go to the mall and you smell the cookies being baked, you smell the popcorn at the movie theater, that kind of thing.  And you are eating that because you are attracted, we call that head hunger or appetite."

There is a my plate guide for eating by hunger and appetite that Kathy Haugen says can help set you up for success this year.

She says, "It's all about increased physical activity.  You know we were meant to move and once you start moving, then you want to eat better, because you want to fuel your body better too."

This powerful pairing might hold the secret to weight loss that stays off too.  Recent research shows those who exercise while losing the weight have double the success rate at keeping weight off compared to those who try diet alone. Medical Edge: How to Lose Weight in 2014

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