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Medical Edge: Makoplasty Robotic Arm

Updated: Friday, February 28 2014, 06:47 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- Jeff Metzger says a few months ago his knee hurt almost all the time due to pain from arthritis.

Metzger said, "Standing if I stood for 30 minutes it was quite significant pain, walking, walking half a mile was pretty significant."

Now he says he feels almost like new again, "It would be difficult to say 100 percent, so lets say 98 percent."

A feeling that comes from what's called Makoplasty Partial Knee Replacement.

Doctor Frank Noyes, an orthopedic surgeon, said, "A full replacement is a full cap on the knee, a partial is just one part of that."

Doctor Frank Noyes is an one of just a handful of orthopedic surgeons now across the country putting in partial knees this way.

Dr. Noyes said, "It's actually customized to the patient, the patient gets a CT, and then that gets put into the computer and then I do the surgery on the computer, and then the robotic arm repeats that within the tenth of a millimeter."

 The partial knee parts sit on a bottom cutout, or slope so to speak, and if the slope is off in anyway then the doctor will load the implant more than it's designed to load, so it is the precision needed when doing partial knee replacements.  That also makes a significant difference for the patient.  Not only a quicker recovery time, but fewer complications and in the long run, perhaps a partial knee replacement that lasts longer.  Which means a patient can have his done at a younger age.

Jeff Metzger says it's not only great to bounce back but also to have no pain with every bounce.  CLICK HERE for more information.

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