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Medical Edge: Melanoma Awareness, Block The Sun Run

Updated: Tuesday, April 29 2014, 05:01 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- May is melanoma awareness month and a family from Glendale invites you to participate in the fourth annual "Block The Sun Run."
When the Caress family and friends get together at the Bluebird Bakery it's hard for them not to notice the one person missing at the table.  His name was Andy and at age 22 this strong, tough, athlete was diagnosed with stage three melanoma, or skin cancer.

Candi Taggart Caress, Andy's mother, said, "After 22 months, unfortunately, he wasn't as strong as he thought he was.  And the melanoma won the battle and he passed away."

But part of the reason they are sitting together and having coffee with Local 12 News Tuesday is to not just share a little  bit more about Andy's story, but to get us all up and moving and doing something about this cancer.

Bob Caress said, "In Andy's last few months of his life he decided we should start a foundation so that people could be more aware of skin cancer."
The Andy Caress Melanoma Foundation is about to host their fourth annual Block The Sun Run.  It's a party and fundraiser that doesn't even start until after the sun goes down.  It's a 5K run and walk outside where they give away information and sunscreen to try and remind others of the importance of protection against the sun.

Tori Amongero knows how important that is; she had her own diagnosis of skin cancer while Andy was undergoing treatment.

She tells Local 12, "Luckily for me, it didn't spread to my lymph nodes so I caught it in time, and it's just a scary situation that no one ever wants to be told they have cancer."

And that's exactly why Andy's family feels the need to continue to promote this foundation.  On the Andy Caress Foundation website you can even find out about skin, moles, and other dangers that might put you at greater risk for this skin cancer.

Andy's family says he taught them never to give up.  And because of that, when it comes to a message to protect against skin cancer, they never will.

The "Block The Sun Run" is Saturday, May 10th at 5:30 pm in Glendale.  You can sign up by CLICKING HERE.

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